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Rexorth A11VG Hydraulic Pump Overview

The Rexorth A11VG series is high performance, axial piston pump.

Rexroth A11VG series is high performance, axial piston pump. The Rexroth A11VG series of pumps is designed for general purpose industrial applications where high reliability and efficiency are required. The Rexroth A11VG series is a direct replacement for a variety of old and obsolete pump types.

The Rexroth A11VG series features a compact design, high power density and low noise level. With its compact design, the Rexroth A11VG series can be installed in tight spaces.

The Rexroth A11VG series is available in two different sizes with two different number of stages. The smaller model has two stages while the larger model has three stages. Both models feature a balanced rotor shaft which helps reduce vibration and noise levels during operation.

The Rexroth A11VG series also features an open impeller design which allows for easy maintenance and inspection during operation, without having to disassemble the entire pump assembly as you would with other types of pumps such as centrifugal or gear pumps.

It is designed for closed-circuit operation in mobile applications.

Rexroth offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps and motors that are used in mobile applications. The line includes high-pressure rotary vane, piston and diaphragm pumps with single or multiple flows. A key feature of many Rexroth pumps is their ability to operate on both rising and falling pressure curves. This allows them to be applied in a wide variety of applications using a single pump type.

TheRexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump Vane Hydraulic Pump is designed for closed circuit operation in mobile applications where space restrictions are critical. The pump has an aluminum housing with a bolted flange connection for easy installation and maintenance. It is available in different sizes ranging from 0.37 to 4.75 inches (9mm - 120mm) bore size with flow rates up to 11 gallons per minute (0.8 liter per second).

The A11VG vane pump's open design makes it ideal for applications requiring frequent inspection such as water supply, water treatment and power generation equipment, as well as other industrial applications where space constraints require shallow depth pumps.

The design of the series ensures the high efficiency and long life.

Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump is a series of high-performance, highly efficient and long-life hydraulic pumps. The design of the series ensures the high efficiency and long life.

The Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump is designed for mobile applications in industrial machinery and vehicles in areas such as aviation, marine, rail transport and mining industries. This series of hydraulic pumps has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of mobile applications.

The Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump is available in two configurations: single-stage axial piston and twin-stage axial piston (double acting). The series offers power ranges from 0.25 kW to 3.0 kW at speeds from 0 to 3000 rpm for single stage pumps or 6000 rpm for twin stage pumps. These units are available with different pressure ratings depending on customer requirements up to 10 bar (1450 psi).



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